Thursday, December 2, 2010

I've made it to my 6 month post relaxer stretch...NOW on to the next 6 :0)

I MADE IT!!!! I have been stretching my relaxer since May 23, 2010...that included using no heat period and protective styling (buns, braids, shoulder styles). Before then, I would normally relax every 3 months or so. This was my longest stretch to date.

Initially I was just going up until my 30th birthday, but that day has come and gone and I am YET stretching! I decided pretty much in my 5th month to continue on with it. Following in the path of Fgrogan(youtube), sylver2(youtube/fotki)...just to name a few. These ladies have stretched for a year and their hair looks great. I will also be following some tips, suggestions and advice that I learned through youtube/blogspots/internet/research etc while on my stretch. I surely don't want to put all this hard work in with MUCH patience and it gets me no where at the end. So, I am making sure I am properly caring for my hair during this time.

For a moment there during the stretch...around the 4th/5th months I was praying and researching trying to find out what works for my hair so that I could make this stretch.(AUGHHHHHH) My hair was not working and it was a hot mess to me. MY NEW GROWTH IS NO JOKE! :) WHEW! But I was blessed to find and follow a few tips that worked for a couple other relaxed sistas and MY HAIR SAID YESSSSSSSSSS! I think I can make it....I think I can make it! And I did!

As of  today, I am 25 weeks and a few days. My hair is manageable and I'm learning what works for ME. I've decided to change up my regimen a little to fit my new growth (lol) and it's working fine. I'm actually looking forward to these next 6 months with the plan I have. I'm sure I can make it...unless something arises I wasn't expecting. I'll share my updated regimen and pics in a later post. I just wanted to get something up and running on here and get the ball rolling with my blogspot.

Upcoming posts:
  • Updated Regimen
  • Picture Hair History
  • My Hair Story (brief)
  • Styles that I'm rocking
  • 2011 Hair Goals & Plan of Action
P.S. Don't mind my bootleg shirt I made a while back so I can keep record of my progress...HEY, IT'S A RECESSION...;-) Looks, like I'm made my goal of APL! My hair is blow dried in this pic. I've recently joined a no scissors challenge on MyHairSistas, so won't be cutting my ends until my stretch is over.

Thanks for following my journey~ HHJ!


  1. Congratulations on your 25 week stretch and welcome to the blog world. I look forward to reading and sharing tips that have worked for stretching. Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed evening!

  2. Thank you Blessed Tresses. I enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to future ones. Thanks for following my journey also. HHJ! Lady D

  3. Hey Girl,
    I found you,lol. I ended my stretch today 25 weeks :o) I be watching you :o)


  4. Yep, you found me! ;-) Can't wait to see the results of your stretch. Thanks for tagging along on my journey also!

  5. Congrats on the length, and that t-shirt is very interesting!