Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 Hair Resolutions!!!

Okay, here is are my Top 10 2011 Hair Resolutions! I got this idea from the http://www.hairgurl.com/ blog. I thought it was a great idea, especially since I definitely have goals for 2011 including ones for my hair ;-). Let's go...

1. Do not relax hair until one year stretch is up on May 23, 2011. Currently I'm 31 weeks post relaxer.

2. Continue to wash and deep condition hair every 2 weeks while stretching and every 1-2 weeks when relaxed.

3. Once stretch season (lol) is up (AFTER I DO THE HAPPY DANCE), ENJOY my relax hair and relax every 12 weeks (3 months). I realize one thing during this one year being relaxed journey stretch, If I wanted to deal with my natural hair, I would have stayed natural. This will be my last long stretch. My goal is BSL, so any length after that is just a bonus or a headache...LOL...I'll deal with the road when I'm on it.

4. Keep doing protective styles but ENJOY and play around with more styles with relaxed hair and see which ones really suit my fancy ;-).  Buy more hair accessories also.

5. Reach BSL  (bra strap length hair)

6. Don't be a heat junkie, keep heat to minimal use (once or twice a month) and find other ways to rock the styles that would normally require heat. Find a TOP QUALITY flat iron and blow dryer also.

7. Get trims every 6 months and take care of ends in between those times.

8. Continue to moisturize and seal as needed with hair.

9. FINALLY, Maybe, just maybe... try some color for 2011. Of course this would be a nervous step with me being relaxed but see if its possible to have both relaxed and colored treated hair. Amend my regimen accordingly to combat dryness from coloring. If it falls out...remember....it's only HAIR....remember when you cut it to SL----see pic> (that's scalp length...not shoulder length...LOL) and look where you are now...;-)


Feel free to make your own and share!!!

Happy 2011 Hair Journey!!!
Love, Lady D


  1. Hey SIC!I'm lovin' the HHJ resolutions~ I've been natural for 17 months and am seriously thinking about a perm... I'm undecided... Soo.. I'd figure I'd watch your journey for awhile ;o)

  2. Hey SIC!!! I didn't know you had a blog too. Thank you ;) You have to do what works for you. I tried natural and I liked it for that time...but now, I like my relaxed hair...and after this season is up..lol...I'll who knows ;). Thanks for taggin along on my journey!